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Kerman Souvenirs

Kerman Souvenirs


This is a fragrant plant which is used in composition of many drugs. There are various kinds of caraway like 70th, 90th and Kabkou caraway, with the latter enjoying the highest quality. It is black in color and is harvested on the slopes of Hezar Mountain, which is said to be a growing field for 1,000 types of herbs. It is also used in cooking along with rice and in boiled form.

Ghoutou (Ghavout)

This is made of 40 plants including nigella seed, purslane, coffee, hemp, cotton seed… It is brown in color and is very nutritious. Varieties of ghoutou have pistachios and coconut in their make.


Kerman is the city of Pistachio in Iran and, truly in the world. Pistachio has the main rule in all traditional events and customs in Kerman.

Pistachio is used in all event in Kerman for ceremonies,Parties,traditional ceremonies,food and other things.

Pistachio Halva

Pistachios constitute the main component of this sweet. Other forms of traditional halva made in Kerman include: rice flour halva, hemp halva, walnut halva, coconut halva, yellow flower halva, and beans halva.


To make this, dough made from Hashtarkhoun (or Haji Tarkhoun) flour is spread out over a saucer and seedless round dates are put over it. Then the whole thing is covered with another piece of flattened dough before adding seasons and putting it in an oven to bake. Kolompe has various kinds like sugar, walnut and so on.


It is some delicious sweet. First flour fried in cooking oil is mixed with sugar or dates before being cut in rhomboid pieces. If dates are added to flour, it is called dates bereshtou.

Kerman Carpet

Kerman carpet is a garden of colorful flowers whose fragrance is comforting for those who love arts. Kerman carpet is more than 400 years old and there is an old picture of Kerman carpet belonging to the time of the Safavids. A precious Kerman carpet is covering the floor of the US Senate. It was woven 100 years ago by one of the city’s artists called Abolqasem Karbasi and is about 400 square meters in area.


Pateh is one of the traditional arts, which is specific to Kerman. Kermani women use colorful threads on a wide piece of cloth, which they call “Ariz (meaning “wide” in Persian)” to make this scarf which is then decorated with very beautiful designs, and exhilarate any person loving arts.


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