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Health care in Iran

Health care in Iran

Iran has one of the best and the most modern health care systems in the region. medications are not hard to obtain and mostly available OTC. But in rural areas the facilities are more basic.

Before you arrive

Try to bring your own medication for the duration of stay. You can find almost any kind of medication whether Iranian made or western manufactured in drug stores. Visit your doctor for the medical check before departure and certainly you should ask your travel agent to check and see what vaccinations you need for traveling to Iran.

it is recommended to sign up online with

Insurance: Check with your insurance company to see what sort of cover and services they would offer you. And of course check if they are in any joint agreement with any Iranian insurance company. to ease your concerns , it is helpful to know that medical costs in Iran are very low.


We recommend you to consult with Iran embassy in your country regarding to necessary vaccination for travel to Iran.

Drugs to carry with

It's recommended to have following medicines:

Aspirin, Anti bacterial ointment and some

adhesive tapes, Antibiotics like Amoxicillin and anti-diarrhea, a few bandage, insect spray, a Swiss knife, Anti histamine.

Motion sickness and jet Lag

take some Meclizine for lessening the jet lag , since most of you guys are going to spend a few hours in airplane and pass a few time lines before you get to Iran.


AIDS is luckily very rare in Iran. there has been a some cases that are are in quarantine, although you always need to be super careful , no matter where in which country you are traveling. always wear condoms when situation requires you.


Malaria is almost non existence , except perhaps some of the very remote areas in south east . But still you be better careful and take Anti Malaria from 2 weeks before you arrive till 2 weeks after you have left the country.


Although tap water is what almost 90% of Iranian use for their daily needs , but you might be better off to buy bottled water. A water bottle costs less than 50 cents. Coke and Pepsi are all over the place and cheaper alternative to bottled water, costing about 50 cents for each bottle. Always take with you some Anti Diarrhea medications or get it from closest drugstore.

Snake , mosquito and bee bites

Iran is a dry country. There are many mini eco climates all around country with specific wildlife, insects and reptiles. It is wise to not walk bare foot in out doors or go to totally remote areas without anybody along with you. Perhaps you have seen it on many moves!! if you got bitten by a snake ot scorpion , you really need to cut the bite with a sharp knife and let it bleed so that the poison gets out of your system and then call for closest help.

Travel with children:

Same cares should be given to children ,except more attention is needed. Dehydration can simple happen. so carry enough water with.

Women`s health

General care needed. Avoid unprotected s-e-x. the same is valid for guys, if you were wondering

Some more tips:

if you happened to need health care and you don to know how to say it Farsi, then you might need to write down these few terms:

Dentist: Dandan Pezeshk

Doctor: Doctor

Drugstore: Daru Khane

Hospital: Bimarestan

Ambulance: Ambulance

Emergency: Komak Fori

Help: Komak

I am sick: Man Marizam:

I need doctor: Man doctor niaz daram.

Diabetic: Diabet:

Fever: Tab

Pain: Dard

Tired: Khaste


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